Paying Rent Online

As a convenience to our tenants, we have partnered with the company to allow you to pay your rent. Upon setting up your account, you can then utilize all of the resources offers to conveniently and immediately submit your rental payment.

  • eCheck Payments:

    •'s eCheck option allows you to instantly transfer money directly from a checking account. For a small fee, you can instantly track your payment and submit it online. This is our preferred method of payment based on convenience and low cost.

  • Debit Card Payments:

    • You may also pay using a debit card.

    • Please note that many people make an easy mistake when entering payment information online. When asked for your billing address in the payment details section of the RentPayment site, please be sure that you include the address affiliated with your bank or financial institution (this is usually your HOME ADDRESS, NOT your school address in Athens). If the payment address does not match that on file with your bank, the payment will be denied and not processed on the site.

  • Credit Card Payments:

    • does allow users to pay with a credit card, though the fees associated with this option are based upon a percentage of the rent rather than as a fixed amount due. This may result in a larger charge for the user, which is why we prefer one of the other two options above when possible.

  • Additional fees or surcharges may be required to use the service. These are unaffiliated with our company, and do not represent any charge on our behalf, but instead pay for the convenience of paying online rather than by sending a check via the mail.