The Rental Process

Concerned about social distancing, but want to view apartments? We can schedule a virtual tour of any house, or check each of our houses' pages on this site to view video tours! Call Mark at (740) 473-6868 with any questions.

Thanks for your interest in renting with Foster Place! Below are the general steps taken to rent one of our houses or apartments.

  1. Find a house you are interested in renting. You can search this website, or visit one of our houses if you know the current tenants.

  2. Contact Mark to set up a viewing of the house. Call or text (740) 473-6868, or email Mark at

The viewings might be done in one of two ways:

  • An in person walk-through of the house. We will schedule a time that works for all of your roommates (please try to make sure all your roommates can be present for the showing).

  • A virtual walk-through of the house. Many of our houses have videos available online to showcase the house.s and their layouts.

  1. If your group decides you'd like to rent the house (or houses), each person should fill out an application (linked here for you to 'make a copy' & download).

When complete, email the applications to

  1. Once all applications are approved, we will contact you to set up a lease signing meeting where we will a) read through and answer questions on the lease, b) sign the lease document, and c) submit all security deposits for the house. At this point, your group has officially rented the house for the upcoming year!

  • The lease signing meetings may be done in person, usually meeting at Whit's Coffee Shop, or might be done as a Zoom or Teams meeting virtually (using the application DocuSign to sign the documents remotely on computers, tablets or phones).

Have questions, or want to look at a house or apartment?

Call / Text Mark at (740) 473-6868